Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Why is it that just when the house is full of cookies and candy everybody decides to go on a diet. Martha baked lots of cookies. Mary baked lots of cookies. Gretel baked lots of cookies. Gretel's girlfriend's mother sent over cookies. Santa brought lots of candy. He seems to be fond of Costco truffles. Then the family decides to have a joint weight loss project. Once a week everyone reports whether they have lost or gained,(no numbers please)and they get encouraged by their peers. I must admit that I could stand to lose a few pounds so I will join in the project but I also notice everyone else went to their respective homes and left all the cookies and candy here.


Mary said...

I'll have you know I only brought you a small portion of the cookies I baked and I probably have lots more cookies at my house than at yours!

Gretel said...

Not me. I baked a bunch and left them there. BWAHAHAHAHAHA