Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Quilt For Jim And His Wife

When my son, Jim, was married I made a queen size quilt for him and his bride. Later on they bought a King size bed and always hung their quilt on the wall. So this year I made them a King sized quilt as a Christmas present. The pattern is a double Irish chain and I quilted the shamrocks especially because my daughter in law's birthday is on St Patrick's Day. I made it in similar colors to their original quilt in case they still wanted to hang the first one in the same room. When I shipped it I insured it for a thousand dollars mostly so UPS would take good care of it because I felt it was irreplaceable. Jim and his wife said they liked it a lot.


Kitt said...

Wow, that's lovely. And priceless.

Divine Knitress said...

We said we liked it alot???
We like it so much more than that! It's fabulous. This picture is good but it is much more beautiful on our bed. Thank you.
--the Daughter-in-Law