Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Table Hostess

Last Saturday night the village of Lathrup had their annual Santa visit Christmas party. The Lions Club staffs the party and helps with some of the costs. I tried to get a picture of Santa coming across Southfield Road with his one reindeer pulling the sled and the police stopping traffic for him, but it was too dark and the picture didn't turn out. Inside the party I had the job of "Table Hostess" which meant I would randomly call the tables to come up and talk to Santa. Other Lions were passing out cookies and hot chocolate and another group taking photos of each child with Santa and printing them up as a souvenir of the event. I thought table hostess would be a cushy job. However, the photographers would get behind and tell me to "stall." Parents would say "Take us next" or "I'm sure you missed our table," and then "Could you take us next as one child has already wet her pants." After a while no one waited for their table to be called at all. It was a fun party and the kids were adorable. It was fun to see the parents whose children screamed at the sight of Santa( a lot of them did). They kept trying again and again but the kids were determined to have no part of Santa.

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Mary said...

Table hostess sounds a little bit naughty.