Monday, February 2, 2009

The Basement

Today we went out to stimulate the economy and bought a refrigerator for the basement. We had an old one downstairs that didn't work. We had taken the door off and were using it as a shelf for pop and beer. We decided that a shelf that kept pop and beer cold was a better idea. Our side by side refrigerator upstairs doesn't really hold a lot so we could use more room at holiday time too. Usually around Christmas time we put stuff in the garage to keep it cold but there is always that worry about mice. They will deliver it on Wednesday but we had to clear a path in the basement. Our basement is crammed full of stuff. There is the children's table and benches that Papa made for the girls and I have saved for a granddaughter along with the little kitchen set and the doll crib, doll ironing board, doll shopping cart and doll stroller. Martha has all her belongings down there as well from when she had an apartment. You know if we were moving we wouldn't take any of it with us so why do we keep it?

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