Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cat Toys

I know that the manufacturers of cats toys don't really think about what the cats like. Here are some of the expensive cat toys that we have bought for our cats but they have no interest in them whatsoever. The remote control mouse will cause them to sometimes respond but not for very long but then the charge doesn't last long either. Then we have some toys that they play with some of the time. The blue ring gets quite a bit of use as well as the catnip filled butterfly. That creepy black mouse gets played with a lot too. But the favorite toys are the milk bottle ring and the ping pong ball and Arnold goes wild over a feather. A piece of yarn is always good for a fun time. The only exception to the rule of cats like the cheap things is the climbing tree which you can see in several pictures on Hubby's blog here. I am so proud of myself figuring out how to use the link.


Paris said...

I work for a Canadian manufacturing company and we make a patented line of cat toys!
I just wanted you to know our company tests our cat toys and comes up with items which cats like to play with. Try the Crinkle ball
Your cat will love it. we get great response from customers.

Anonymous said...

arnold likes packing tape... wait, scratch that. he likes to eat packing tape!