Friday, May 8, 2009

Today My Favorite Color is Green

I have really been negligent is writing my blog but springtime is so busy and I love it. Last Saturday was Hubby's birthday and he spent part of Saturday and Sunday with the Radio Controlled Club of Detroit watching them fly their model airplanes. I went with him on Saturday (Sunday I had to beg for the Lions White Cane Week. I hope you gave.) I was surprised at how big some of the models were and the clever tricks they could do with them. One hit a branch on a little tree and it was dismaying to see how easily they are damaged.

Most of the week I have been working on my front flower bed. It has been invaded with wild onions and a clustered bell flower. I work on it about an hour a day along with my dandelion hunt. I have a mission against dandelions. Every day I take my weeder and examine the lawn for dandelions. Everyday I migrate just a little farther onto my neighbor's lawn too.

As far as my flowerbed goes you can see I still have much to do. I have two rose bushes in the front and some tulips. Even some chicks and hens which I am not sure where I want them to be. The tulips and grape hyacinths and roses can stay although I have pulled out a lot of the hyacinths along with the weeds and onions. I plan to put in a mass planting of white wax begonias.
The work is quite tedious. I have dug out 4 columbines and moved them to a shade garden. In this mass of onions and bell flowers you can see some irises and lilies that I don't want to break off. I also found a couple of gaillardia, echonasia and a perennial whose name I don't know. Anyway it keeps me out of trouble, sort of.

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