Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cameo Quilt Club

I went to my quilt club tonight. The speaker was Gwen Marston who spoke on art quilts made with solid colors. She was spectacular, very funny too. I know just what kind of quilt to make for Amy.
I haven't been blogging because Hubby was having trouble getting my computer to talk to the Internet since he changed to Windows 7. But now I am all set up. It really works very well and I like it much better than Vista.
I have been busy working on my sampler quilt. I only have one more block to do and then I have to assemble and make the border. At the quilt meeting tonight people were talking about their UFOs (Unfinished projects). Some people have as many as 30 unfinished projects. I must be weird. I am working on this quilt since the beginning of January. I have Martha's quilt which I have about 75% of the blocks done, but it's a queen size and she doesn't have a queen size bed so there is no hurry. I also have a Jacob's Ladder quilt, my only true UFO. I started it for Jim when he was going to college and he didn't like it. So it is not finished but every once in a while I do work on it. The quilt club is a non-profit group and is required to give quilts to charity. Someday I will finish it and maybe give it away.

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