Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Projects

With the new year, I started a quilt for my best friend's 40th wedding anniversary. (She doesn't read my blog so there is no danger in ruining the surprise.) The quilt is a sampler quilt. I have always wanted to make one and I know she will appreciate the effort. It is surprising how difficult some squares can be to assemble. I also started embroidering a tablecloth. I will have to speed it up a little because over the holidays I spilled a glass of red wine on my lace tablecloth and the just threw it in the washing machine. It is stained. I will try bleaching it but I am not hopeful and after Hubby's seasickness on the last cruise, I don't think I can talk him into a cruise to the Virgin Islands to buy another.

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Divine Knitress said...

from the queen of clean...Club soda. it's best right away but worth the try.

Also.She sells a wine away product. look at her website.

This unbelievable product can remove red stains such as red wine, red pop, cranberry juice, red food coloring, grape juice, etx., from carpet and fabric.

Made from fruit and vegetable extracts, Wine Away is totally nontoxic. I just can’t believe how well it works!

Look for it where liquor is sold or call 1-888-WINE-AWAY (9463 2929) for a store location near you.

and lastly...think about dying the entire tablecloth to match the stain...the red wine holiday tablecloth.