Monday, January 4, 2010

The Christmas Tree is Down

I took down the Christmas tree today. My tree is an artificial one that I bought 20 years ago when I first got my divorce. I paid $99 for it. A lot of people think it is real because it kind of looks scraggly like a real tree can. I guess an artificial tree is really the green thing to do as for 20 years I haven't cut down a real tree. It probably isn't 20 years because it probably took a little while for the tree farms to realize I wasn't going to buy a tree. Really the first year I had an artificial tree I bought a real one for the family room, but that year a home in Warren burnt down from the Christmas tree and so we were afraid to light it. I worked with a girl who had an artificial tree that she decorated and then at the end of the season moved the whole tree to a closet. It made it a lot easier to put up and take down the tree. The hardest part for me this year was going into the attic to get the boxes for the tree and ornaments. It was awfully cold in the attic.

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