Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fond Memories

Last night as I was snuggled in bed under my quilt with the blizzard wind blowing outside I was thinking about my friend Dorothy. We went to school together. She lived in a house that had been remodeled and added on to from a very small house. Her room was in the attic. The stairway came down the side of the kitchen and you had to crawl over the side to get on it. There was no heat upstairs but since the family had originally been from Germany, they had these wonderful feather beds. (Like sleeping under a giant pillow) She also had several cats who slept on top of the feather beds. Dorothy's room was decorated with horse statues.(was it Breyer or Beyer?) Dorothy's Mom was a fantastic cook and could make the best apple pies. Whenever I came over she would say "Eat, Margaret, Eat!" and I did.

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