Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Some people have said that I have ADD. I hyper focus. Whatever, when I start a project I usually finish it. (with the exception of a leisure suit I started for my first husband and it was turning out so badly I scrapped it.) Not only do I finish it , but I work on it every available minute. I make spread sheets to keep me on track. I have been working on Fish City. I am on a five year plan. There were 15 pages of directions and I do three a year. After completing the 13th page I decided I needed a break from Counted Cross stitch and did some pillowcases. I think the embroidered pillow cases look good with a quilt although I make people take them off of the bed when they sleep so they don't get used as much as the regular pillow cases. At any rate I always have a needle in my hand. It isn't that I am not interested in other things but ... I like to read but never in the daytime. I get all groggy like when I do.(Sort of like playing solitaire on the computer, but that doesn't stop me from doing that.) In the summer I like to garden and Hubby has stopped saying I always have a broom in my hand. What other hobbies are there? I won't do scrap booking.


Kitt said...

Oh my gosh. Those are gorgeous! That's some serious focus. What a lovely reward for your dedication.

Liz said...

I can't believe someone as talented as you shies away from knitting. These are beautiful!

Pam J. said...

Stunning! There's something about those blues that is so soothing. Have you ever noticed how many dinnerware patterns are in blue and white? A gift store owner from the Isle of Man once told me that blue and white pottery is always a best-seller in his shop. And he doesn't know why.

I wish I had your hyperfocus. My problem is jumping from one new quilt or scarf or pair of socks to the next, starting new projects all the time; for every one I finish I start two. (My own personal deficit!) And now that I've reached a certain age, I'm worrying about all these unfinished projects being left behind when I'm gone. What will "they" do with them? Toss them out probably. Maybe I'll start looking for other quilters and knitters who might want to inherit my UFOs when I'm gone. Now THERE'S a project!

Funny about scrap booking. I won't do it either. I'm happy for the people who seem to love it but it has absolutely no appeal for me at all.

While you're working on your needlework projects are you doing anything else? Listening to radio, music, TV? I find that I MUST have something else going at the same time.

And I know what you mean about daytime reading grogginess. But if I can get my body positioned exactly like it is when I'm sitting on a low beach chair and looking out at the ocean (which I do for one solid week every single year without fail) I find I can read without dozing. I can sit on the beach for 10 hours reading without ever dozing.

Other hobbies? If you want something that will occupy vast amounts of mental time (and worry) take up beekeeping.

And what, I wonder, has made me so chatty tonight? Maybe it's the ice storm that just started, to be followed by 2 to 6 inches of snow and freezing rain. Oh the joys of DC weather!

Gretel said...

hee hee hee.... Dad in a leisure suit....

The pillow slips are lovely. So glad you had fun doing them! If you're looking for a hobby, you could always try cooking! (Just kidding...)

I don't usually read during the day anymore either, not because I get groggy, but because I also hyper-focus and if I start reading in the morning, that's all I do all day!