Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My New Project

My brother, Michael and his wife will be married 40 years in June of 2013. Since Michael is an avid bird watcher I decided to make a special quilt for him. My idea was to make a tree and put many different kind of birds in it. I have plenty of time. I dyed the blue fabric to get the sky the right color. It would not have bothered me if it came out a little uneven after all the sky is, but it dyed really well. I got the tree pattern from the Master Gardener Tree Pruning Handbook and now I am busy appliqueing the tree to the top when that is done I will start on the birds.

Here is a picture of what I have done so far. Also there is a picture of my cat wall hanging.

1 comment:

Gretel said...

The tree is turning out beautifully!!! I can't wait to see it with the birds!