Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Busy Month

Wow! it has been a busy month. On the 14th of January I had a shower for Gretel and had 28 people here in my living room. It went really well but thank God I had help from Martha and Rejina. My vertigo still comes and goes but not nearly as bad. Bill and Rejina came to visit with their two year old Sammy. What a cutie! He talks non-stop and when he walks into a room says, "What's happening!" Baby Sofie was christened down in Ohio. It was a beautiful ceremony and she even smiled at the priest when he poured water on her. A dear friend had a son who at the age of 36 had a brain aneurysm and we went to the funeral yesterday. The cold wind and snow blowing in the cemetery was awesome. Mary and Brian and Sofie came up for the funeral and stayed the weekend. I think, maybe, things will calm down a bit now.

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