Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

I don't understand why I am so busy and still can't think of anything to write. Yesterday I went to water aerobics then to my friend Helene's house to show her how weight watchers online works, then I went to my knitting group and after dinner I went to a meeting for the Lion's Club golf outing. But what do you write about things like that. I didn't drown. I showed Helene the program and then we sat and talked for an hour. At the knitting group I worked on a little outfit for our expected grandchild. I did meet another new member of the group, there were five of us knitting at the Panera. At the golf outing meeting it was decided that I will handle the marshmallow drive again. After I got home I worked on Rejina's quilt and we watched the first part of that PBS program about Abraham and Mary Lincoln. Today after water aerobics I took Mom out to lunch.

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