Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cleaning the Craft room

The problem with my craft room is that I keep buying extra stuff. Some how I never seem to use any of it up. My basket of scrap yarn gets bigger and bigger. My shoe boxes of cotton scraps seem to multiply and yet when I start even a scrap quilt I feel compelled to buy more fat quarters of the "right" color. While I am working on a quilt I get all the material out in piles so that I can match everything but it takes weeks to get it all cut and you have to see it all to get everything matched. Then there are patterns and books and all the equipment like sewing machines, light boxes, ironing boards, quilting stencils, cutting tools and thread. It is easier to write on my blog than figure out where to put things.


John said...

I suggest you to do a thorough cleaning of your craft room and to collect all the stuff you don't use any more. You can make some kind of a Sale.

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Jeffrey said...

I absolutely agree with John. A sale will be the perfect way to get rid of things you do not use any more.
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