Friday, July 1, 2011

Cleaning the Foyer Closet and Cedar Closet

Now it is time to get all the winter coats to the dry cleaners and then move them to the cedar closet. I brought the spring jackets down, they usually don't need dry cleaning. I sorted all the mittens and gloves and threw out the unmatched ones. The cedar closet has some clothes that don't fit me now but just might some day. I did find a good dressy winter coat that I don't wear anymore and a long pleated skirt. I will take them to Salvation Army. They are still in the bags from the dry cleaners. I am sure there are other things that I will never wear again but I am not sure. I have lots of winter skirts and sweaters that I wore when I was working. Now I rarely wear them because I don't get dressed up as often. That doesn't mean I can't wear them or on some occasion I might. I even have some Indian pant outfits that I used to know shat thy were called but have forgotten.

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Mary said...

Mom, the Indian pantsuit is called a salwar kameez.