Monday, July 4, 2011

Salute to America

Hubby and I are volunteers at Greenfield Village. Last Night we were assigned to keep people from going into the stage area at their "Salute to America" concert. The weather was warm but dry, the concert was great, and the crowd was friendly. Only one time did some guy really get nasty about coming across the line. There were 9000 people at the concert. It began with a drum and fife core, then a ragtime revue group and lastly the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. They did this concert for three days in a row. The night before, just before the DSO came on, a violent thunderstorm came through. They had to cancel the concert and get everyone out of the area. As we drove up last night trees and branches were down, underpasses were still flooded, traffic lights were out, and Edison crews were still guarding downed wires that the crews hadn't been able to reach yet. I guess we picked the best night.

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