Saturday, July 23, 2011

Charity Poker

In Michigan there are places where you can play Texas Hold-em but a charity must provide the license and the workers to handle the sale and redemption of chips. Our Lion's Club had 4 days at the Big Beaver Tavern. Hubby and I worked selling the chips. It was really an eye-opener. I can't imagine how such young people can afford to drop such big money and do it day after day. A lot of people came and played in the tournaments. They cost either $20 during the day or $30 at night. At least it gives an evening of entertainment for less bucks. Last night Keegan taught us all how to play the game. We split up all the pennies in the house between Kameren. Keegan, Martha, Hubby and I. We learned how it felt when there was a "player down" because Hubby and I were the first to run out of money.

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Liz said...

Wow, I wish we had known about this one. The hubs LOVES playing hold-um. Sounds like it was fun, and good for your charity. A great combination!