Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Japanese Beetles

We have Knock Out roses around our front door patio. This year we are having a terrible problem with Japanese Beetles. We are told the best way to limit the damage is to pick the beetles off and drop them in soapy water. The Japanese Beetle traps don't work because they attract beetles from miles around. The beetle is a pretty iridescent green color but eats everything and leaves the leas and flowers all lacy. I am not the squeamish type especially if all I have to do is pick them up and not squish them, Tonight I found 20 beetles who died in my soapy water bucket. For more information go to wikopedia

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Kitt said...

They really are pretty bugs. I saw my first one in Colorado last year, on my raspberries. Happily, they are not very common here ... yet. I have seen what damage they can do. I hope your efforts save your roses!