Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kameren Learns to Sew

My granddaughter, Kameren, is visiting with us this week. She is 8 years old. She asked me to show her how to sew. She picked out the pattern and the fabric from my stash. I was surprised at how well her choice looked. She pressed the pedal on the sewing machine and learned how to stay at the 5/8 mark. She told Aunt Martha she made the dress and Grandma helped a little. Grandpa has been busy teaching our grandson, Keegan, all about weather and airplanes. Keegan is 12 years old. They are good kids. This morning we went to visit Great Grandma and swam in her pool.


Mary said...


Pam J. said...

Everything is perfect in this picture: the model, the dress, the flowers. I LOVE that fabric. Sounds like everyone is having a good summer!

Kitt said...

Wow, that's really cute!
You reap what you sew :-)