Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Christmas to Remember

There were 17 of us for Christmas dinner. All but one of them stayed overnight during the holidays.  Then the disaster happened! Monday morning the stomach flu hit Molly, by Monday night Martha was down. Early Wednesday Hubby and Tom had it.  It ended up going through 11 of us. (literally)
We all got together for my Mom's birthday on the 22nd before everyone got sick, so she was spared the virus. She said she was grateful that no one came to visit after that.

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Pam J. said...

Uh oh. 11 people! wow. Check your water bill when it arrives. Bet it will be much higher than normal. Soooo sorry. My husband, son, and I had a similar attack 2 Decembers ago (Sunday night, Monday night, and Wednesday night --- boom, boom, boom). It leaves a lasting impression.

Happy New Year!