Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowy Day

It really is snowing quite heavily today.  I am up in my craft room working on another quilt.  Hubby is working on the computer in the kitchen. He is trying to housebreak the new puppy by taking her out every 20 minutes. She is compliant when he takes her out, otherwise she pees on the kitchen flour. I was trying to decide if I wanted a piece of baklava.  For Christmas Eve dinner I chose baklava for dessert.  The best place to purchase that is Shatila in Dearborn.  When I arrived on the 23rd of December I took a number.  Mine was D#90 and they were serving D#33. At some point a man with a number D#71 gave up and I took his number.  A while later the manager announced that those who wanted mixed trays, already packaged , could come to the cash register. I was among the 20 people who ran to the cashier to buy, all of them pushing and shoving and most of them doing so in Arabic. I got my package and went out to the parking lot. (I had thought myself lucky to get a parking space) A delivery van was parked behind me and I had to wait 20 minutes for it to move. When I got onto the Southfield expressway, I went about one mile before all three lanes came to a stop because of an accident. The baklava was delicious and some was left over as peoples appetites were not up to snuff. That will go with a hot cup of tea.

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