Sunday, January 26, 2014

Penny is a Real Leader Dog

Last night we went to Leader Dog Headquarters to meet Penny and the client, Denise, who is now her master. Penny was as lively as always but Denise said that in the harness, Penny is terrific. She knows her stuff. I was very pleased because Denise is definitely the right person for Penny.  She is a lively woman, about 20 years younger than us, and has had 2 Leader Dogs before Penny. This woman was amazing.  She is a Lion and also a Toastmaster.  She worked as a social worker and now wants to write books.  She is married to a man who is also blind and both of them got new Leader Dogs at the same time. They live in Augusta, Georgia. I was nervous about meeting her but now I feel really good about the whole thing.  Penny looked a little older and bigger (maybe because we are dealing with little Mindy. She was just as lively as ever. While we visited she was on a leash and not in harness. So she could just be a dog and not working. It was a great evening.  Denise gave us her address and her blog site so that we could keep in touch.

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