Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bitty Babies

This year I decided to give my two three year old granddaughters Bitty Babies for Christmas. Of course they have to have clothes.  My friend Willie had these wonderful patterns so I made the girls diaper bags and clothes.  Hubby says I am having too much fun doing it.
On another note , Gretel noticed my birds on my tree were missing beaks.  That is what you get when you shop at the dollar store. So this morning I made beaks for my birds.  I must admit they look like doves with duck beaks but it's only a decoration
on a Christmas tree.


Pam J. said...

Love those birdies! The beaks are an inspiration. I wonder if I could interest The Husband in using them on our tree. You know how your husband is the Kitchen Guy? Mine is The Christmas Tree Guy. I help lug the tree into the house and get it straight in the stand, but then it's all up to him to decorate. He takes it very, very seriously, which is kinda cute.

Gretel said...

The birds look much better. Molly commented this morning after seeing a flock of pigeons, "Look at the birds. Birds have wings. Penguins are birds. They have wings but they can't fly. They swim, dive and waddle."