Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Christmas Tree is Up

I put my Christmas tree up.  This year I used white Led lights instead of the blue ones I had used the last three years. My kid's response to the blue tree was: "I didn't know we were Jewish." This year I  did the whole tree in white, including balls, flowers, snowflakes, and dead birds. Back in the '70's my Mom and Dad got an aluminum tree.  Mom decorated it with pink and blue birds.  My Dad put a spotlight on it (you couldn't put lights on a metal tree) with  rotating colored filters. My children's response - "Grandma has dead birds on her tree!"
A few years ago my brother bought my Mom a small table top tree that was already decorated with lights. When Mom took the tree down after Christmas she carefully removed all the lights, in little pieces. My brother bought her a new one with stern admonitions not to take it apart.  Today when I was visiting Mom (she is 97) she said, "I think I'll wait and have Michael, (my brother) put up my tree for me."  It is a season of memories.

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