Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Doll House

Back almost thirty years ago by daughter,Mary, just a teen, bought a doll house that was a demo at Frank's Nursery and Crafts. The house was kept in the basement and got bumped around, never fixed up. My brother offered me a doll house and I suggested he repair this one. I intended to give it to Mary's daughter,Sofie, for her third birthday.  After Mike repaired it and decorated it, I decided it was too beautiful to give to a three year old. I thought I would give Sofie a Fisher-Price doll house and the refinished doll house to her mother. Then I thought of Mary's house.  Where would she put it with a three year old and two dogs, one of them being a puppy. I decided to keep the house myself. I don't have much furniture yet. I have an upright piano, bench and music stand given to me by students back when I taught piano. I have a little desk and chair from my brother.  I bought a sewing machine and quilt rack and I have bathroom fixtures. I am excited about playing with my doll house.

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