Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going on Vacation

Tomorrow we are leaving for Florida. Hubby will do the driving. We plan to stay the first night in Berea Kentucky. I am all packed, have been since yesterday. Hubby will do it tomorrow morning. He will plan to leave around 7, get up at 4 and will actually leave about 8. I have one large suitcase, he will take about 5 smaller bags. He has a huge check list just like the one Jack Nicholson does in "As good as it Gets." It even includes clothespins to hold the motel drapes closed (because they always gap). I have cleaned the entire house, vacuumed and dusted and even changed the sheets. I can't leave a dirty house ( what if there was an accident and the whole world found out I had a dirty house). We should have a wonderful time, we usually do when traveling together.

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