Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not So Green

I really try to be environmentally conscious. I recycle everything the waste company will take as well as returning my plastic bags to the grocery store. We use all those funny new light bulbs. We don't use pesticides on our plants or lawn but it turns out I still probably have a large carbon footprint. Hubby just bought me, at my request, a battery operated stick vacuum. I know the broom and dustpan method is more environmentally friendly and there is something to be said about the reward of seeing the huge pile of cat hair as you sweep. I have more cloth rags than I have cloth not rags but still I love my Swifter duster. I even have a paper cup dispenser in the bathroom. My children go as far as to use cloth napkins and the cleaning ladies on TV say to wash windows with old newspapers but I use paper napkins and paper towel for washing windows.

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Mary said...

That looks fun and I want to try it when I come up there again.