Sunday, April 5, 2009


I worked with a woman, Carole, who always laughed about the fact I was incapable of multi-tasking. She could work while listening to books on tape or had the television on while she read a book. I remember the worst automobile accident I had was when I heard on the car radio that Liberace died and turned left in front of on coming traffic. This inability to multi-task goes along with the fact that I hyper focus. At work, because I had my own office area, someone would always have to come and get me at lunchtime or I would work right through lunch. One time at 7 in the evening my boss found me working because I didn't notice everyone leaving at 5:30. So today I started another baby sweater. I turned off the TV and sat alone in the family room. I knitted the back first then I divided the yarn into two separate balls and did both fronts at the same time(so they would be the same length). So far so good. Tomorrow I will start the sleeves the same way. I wonder how I managed 6 kids without multi-taking?

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