Monday, October 5, 2009

Austin's quilt

Well, I finished Austin's quilt. I have made over 40 quilts and have given away all but 5. There is something special about making a quilt and giving it away. It makes it special for a much longer time. I only give them to friends (including my children) who I want to keep in touch with forever. Austin loves cats and has two of his own. I bought the pattern at Joann's and it is called "Sawtooth Cats" by The City Stitcher.

Here is a picture of my latest grandchild, Samuel Ravi Injety Uicker. He is all of 1 month old. We call him Sammy. He was born on his grandfather, Sam's birthday.


Liz said...

Cool quilt! And, Sammy's even cuter than when he was born.

Gretel said...

Sammy's so cute! How come THAT picture isn't on facebook?