Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moratorium on Buying Needlework Kits

I decided I cannot buy anymore needlework kits until I finish the ones I have. Understand that I am a finisher. I know people who start lots of kits or anything and never finish them, but that's not my style. I have one kit I never finished because when we moved 32 years ago I lost the directions. Anyway I figured it will take me 14 years to finish the kits that I have. That will make me 80 years old and then I can buy some more.

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Pam J. said...

Hi Peggy. I found your blog by way of Kitt--the beekeeper, poodle-lover, Denver-living cooking lady. I like your Moratorium idea and have tried, oh several dozen times, to establish the same moratorium. I'm an obsessive quilter/knitter and never met a needle I didn't love. I used to do cross-stitch (along with many other types of needlework) but once I seriously latched onto quilting--about 20 years ago--most of my cross-stitching projects came to a complete halt. I still have them, of course, and vaguely think I'll have time to finish them one day. But since I'm now also a retired lady (40+ years as a medical editor-writer) and have about 25 quilts and a dozen knitted scarves in progress (yes, I know, it's shameful) I could easily fill up the balance of my life finishing those. But I know I'll start new ones, and I'm reasonably sure I'll never get back to the cross-stitching, but who knows? Anyway, tell your husband that I, for one, intend to read your blog.