Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Club

Today my book club met. The club is made up of 8 women I have known a long time. The shortest being 20 years and the longest being 54 years. We choose a book and then meet on the fourth Thursday of the month. We rarely discuss the book but we talk for several hours. Good friends are real treasures. Unfortunately one of the group, Sandi, is moving to Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday. We will miss her a lot.

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Pam J. said...

That sounds so nice! Do you actually read the books even though you often don't discuss them? A 54-yr-old friendship is a thing to be treasured. Like you, I've lived in the same place all my life (Washington, DC, and the adjacent Maryland suburbs) so I too have friends that go back that far. A 5-some of us (plus spouses) get together twice a year when one old friend, who now lives in Israel, comes home to visit his mom. Very comforting to have old friends like that.