Friday, October 16, 2009

Quilt Club Night

Last night I went to the monthly meeting of our Cameo Quilt Guild. There are 78 members in the club. It is a non-profit club because each member is required to make something and donate it to charity. I am on the charity committee(Everyone is also obligated to be on one committee).
They are making tote bags out of upholstery samples and they fill them with gifts for young boys and girls and women who go to the Haven for abused women. They also for their activity had two demonstrations, one of a rag type tote and the other a crazy quilt Christmas tree skirt. I am not much interested in the rag type work.(You show the seams and repeatedly wash them so they fray) I have too many frayed edges as it is. But the crazy quilt stuff was beautiful. I should live long enough to try all the things I want to do. The meeting ends with a show and tell segment which is enough to totally intimidate me.

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