Monday, October 19, 2009


When I was younger, at my parents home, as soon as Santa arrived there was a mad scramble and everyone opened all of their presents. There was always the feeling "is this all?'' But at my Ex's home it was different. Beginning with the youngest each person chose a gift, not his own, to be opened. Everyone saw what that person received. In a large family like ours, especially now that there are spouses and grandchildren. This can be a long process. In fact by the end no one says,"Is this all?" in fact even the kids reach a point where they don't care if there are any more presents. I decided three years ago that instead of wrapping all the presents I would go green and make each person a pillowcase(couples have matching) and I would put all of their presents from me in it. It has been a real hit. The kids use the pillowcase as a sack to carry all their treasures home.
Now you wouldn't think a pillowcase would be that hard to make but I have made every error possible. Starting with making the line for the piping in the wrong direction on the material(a narrow long pillowcase) Attaching the piping to the wrong side of the material,(who wants piping inside the case) starting the French seam with right sides together and of course having the machine on baste when I want sew. I have 19 pillowcases to make. I have to get at least two a day before we leave on our cruise because when we come back Christmas will be upon us. I wonder if this was such a great idea.

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Pam J. said...

I like this idea. I've done similar things at Christmas (little quilted stuffed Christmas trees on hangers -- to be used as tree ornaments), but your idea is two gifts in one! And so practical. Very nice.