Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wind Storm

Last Wednesday we had the windiest day I can remember. Hubby and I drove to Waterford for our haircuts.  Thirteen Mile Rd was closed because of downed wires. 12 mile was closed because an electric pole came down.  M59 had traffic lights out and Macedace Lake road had a tree across it. Wednesday night most of our subdivision had no power (we did). Thursday I drove down Inkster Road and was surprised by the number of trees that had been hauled to the side of the road. Friday, Carole and I went to Port Huron.  The lights on Evergreen and the I696 expressway were still out and that is a big intersection. Up in Port Huron many traffic lights were out and many businesses had no power. When we got home Hubby went to order a pizza to find downtown Berkley had no power. They were saying that still on Saturday, 80,000 people in Michigan still had no power.

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