Friday, August 8, 2008

Quiet Time

I don't know if I haven't been blogging because there is nothing to blog about or it's just that I have been busy working on Christmas projects that I cannot put on the blog. Probably both. Today it nice and cool almost like fall. I even walked a mile and a half this morning. I started a counted cross stitch project that is on 22 count thread. I used my "PC Stitch" software to get the pattern. I probably chose too many colors. I have to use a magnifying class to count my stitches. There is a strong possibility that I won't finish it. I need those magnifying glasses that the dentist uses. We are going to a Tiger baseball game tonight with the Lions, I will have to ask Dr. Kamar when I see him there. (Hubby thinks it's funny that the Lions are going to see the Tigers.)
Oh, and I have been cooking. I decided to give Hubby a break but he still helps. Wednesday night we had pork chops, fresh beets from Mary's garden,sweet potatoes and a salad. I made up the menu and did the kitchen work, Hubby cooked everything out on the grill.

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