Friday, August 15, 2008

A Vocal Cat

When we were first told about Arnold, the cat, we were told he was quite vocal. Boy is that an understatement. This cat walks around whining all day long. We have tried asking what is the matter? Is Timmy in the well? Even "Shut up Arnold." The only thing that quiets him is, if you stop what you are doing and give him a healthy dose of loving. Arnold is very affectionate. He loves a rough petting and is always appreciative of any kind of attention. Often he will come up to you and either put he paws on your lap, just to say hello, or else crawl into your lap and stick his tail in your face. I really like this cat. I tend to be a little rough with the cats, according to Hubby, and Arnold loves me and comes back for more. He sleeps next to me and follows me around all day long. I have a basket in my sewing room that he likes to nap in while I am sewing. What more could you ask for in a cat?

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