Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Russell is Returned

This past weekend we drove Russell back home to Maryland. It had been a fun visit. He is such a sweet kid and beautiful. Wednesday when we went out to lunch with Great Grandma he was telling me we should fly back to Maryland. I told him plane flights were expensive and Grandma and Papa only had so much money. Russell said, " If you have so much money why can't we fly?"
We took him to the nature museum on Belle Isle where he fed the deer and to Greenfield Village where he especially enjoyed playing the old fashioned games on the green.

It was a long trip for him and although he was really good in the car we got a lot of "How many more hours?" On the way back from Maryland we took Interstate 68 because of repairs on Interstate 70. It was a beautiful ride with breathtaking scenery. It was like a mini vacation when we didn't expect it. Now we are getting back to normal. Gretel and her family will be here on the weekend.

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Mary said...

It looks like it was a really fun time. I think you forgot to mention you stopped by me. :)