Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas Exchange List

Because Hubby and I have seven children between us with six spouses and five grandchildren, Christmas gift giving can become cumbersome. We have a system where the children exchange names and give to all five grandchildren. I wrote a program in Python to choose names so that no one gets the same person in the last two years or their spouse to buy for. I had a bug in the program which I finally worked out today. When I was studying electrical engineering I had to take a class in Pascal and loved it. I mentioned that to the head of the department and he said "Programming is boring." Interestingly since working as an engineer I have done mostly programming and I still love it. Anyway my gift giving program is off and running.
Yesterday we took the grandkids to the Morely Chocolate Factory. It was fun and the free sample was delicious.

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BridgeNana said...

Peggy, tell your husband that a retired school teacher in Texas, Judy, read your blog and enjoyed it! We have 5 dogs, 8 children, and 18 grandchildren. So, our family is also going to have an exchange of names for Christmas this year for the first time. Just got too crazy in previous years.