Monday, July 7, 2008

Cleaning the Craft Room

I buy a lot of cloth material and worse yet I save all the scraps. In my craft room I have shelves with 37 plastic shoe boxes of cotton scraps all filed according to color. Underneath the counter I have larger tote boxes for bigger pieces of material. Today I pulled out some pieces of polyester I have had since polyester was in and some linen that is in colors I really look bad in. I put them aside to send to the Salvation Army. I know I have seen some people still wearing polyester, maybe they also sew. I have much material that is still waiting for more granddaughters and some that is waiting for me to get thinner so I feel like sewing for myself. Whenever I clean the room I find things that I either forgot I had and even more likely forgot where I put them. I will probably forget again. The grandchildren will be here on Wednesday. We are all pretty excited.
Fervor and Cleo have been separated all day. I think Fervor is catching on that if he goes near Cleo she will scratch his nose and scream. Then we come running and lock Fervor behind his gate.

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