Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Greeting Cards

Last month on June 9th Gretel and the Tummy received their anniversary card and gift from me. The only problem is that their anniversary is today, July 9 th. They have been married three years.( boy does time fly) They are both very happy together and they love living in Brooklyn, New York. I seldom get cards out early. My usual rule is late. In fact I am not much of a card person. I usually remember the children and grand children's birthdays within a week and the same for their anniversaries. It was an unforgivable sin to forget my mother's birthday or anniversary.(as well as not cashing her checks quickly) I am also a dollar store card buyer. Two for a dollar is hard to beat and Mom and I go there regularly. Of course, they look nothing like the spectacular cards my sister-in-law buys. For years, (before she was married) Mary made all her Christmas cards and shopped for the funniest(and most insulting) birthday cards. I also like the homemade cards I get from Dante, my grandson.

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