Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Thunderstorns

Well there is another thunderstorm heading this way so it won't be long and we will have to shut the computer down again. We have had so much rain lately that we certainly haven't had to do any watering in the garden. The cat tails are doing just fine and so are the mosquitoes. It just is too bad that mother nature can't even things out a little but that doesn't seem to be her style. Fires in the west drought in the southeast and floods in the middle.

Here is a picture of Fervor in detention. Quite pathetic.

Kitalong asked what was blooming in my garden. Here is a picture of some lillies that have been in the family for years.


Mary said...

Ferver in detention is hillarious.

Gretel said...

Your lilies are beautiful!

Kitt said...

Poor poor kitty. Needs petting.

What kind of lilies are those, do you know? They're spectacular!

Sign me, kurious Kitalong.