Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandchildren and Cats

We were surprised to find that Cleo and Arnold, our cats, are nuts about the grandchildren. They follow the kids wherever they go. Keegan is trying to train Arnold for the animal planet show where animals compete for being able to do the best tricks. Arnold is not cooperating a whole lot on the training but just enough to keep Keegan hopeful. I turned around yesterday to see Cleo wearing an assortment of doll clothes and very happy with her new attire. You would think the cats had grown up with children but as far as I know they haven't. We also have not had any problems with Fervor as he is afraid of the kids so avoids them and therefor Cleo as well.

I did a walk around of my garden and here are a few shots of what I see.

The cattails are forming nicely.

The rose garden has everything in bloom, We have eight rose bushes,3 expensive delphiniums and one of the 99 cent kind (the light blue)and a lot of snap dragons around the edge. They seeded themseves in from last year.

I have a pot of geraniums on the front porch. I have had this pot for four years now. I just bring them in for the winter and take them out in the spring. I water them all winter but don't repot ever.


Sara said...

I'm shocked that your cat would tolerate the doll clothes. That's a very good cat!

Your rose garden is gorgeous.

Summer said...

I'm impressed. I just got a big beautiful pot of geraniums. I've watered them every day and now they are F-R-I-E-D! I don't know what to do to bring them back. They are hating this Denver weather.