Friday, January 30, 2009

Cats and Quilting Frames

When I quilt I usually use a big frame. The quilt I am making for my nephew Michael and his bride is a queen sized quilt but I always like to make them a little big so they can be used as a bedspread as well as having plenty of coverage in the cold. (They live in Santa Barbara so they don't need a lot of protection from the cold). Anyway I need to use the king sized poles on the frame and the only room that it fits in is the family room. The cats have always liked to climb up on the quilt frame. Savannah did when she was a kitten but she was just a kitten.
Fervor liked being on the Double Irish Chain I made for Jim and his wife.
Yesterday I put Michael's quilt on the frame and big Arnold jumped up on it. The pins gave way and Arnold had a real surprise as he fell through. Fortunately only the muslin strips tore where the quilt had been pinned.
Hubby says that since the quilting frame is in front of the television it has cut his TV viewing in half because he can only see half of the screen.

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