Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Indian Food

My son Bill and his wife have come to visit for a few days. Last night she cooked Indian food. She made a chicken curry and had what she thought was plenty for leftovers but she was wrong we gobbled up every bit if it. When she travels she brings some of her own spices because I don't have the Indian spices. When we visited with her parents and they cooked for us we ate so many wonderful foods. The whole family has come to appreciate the cuisine and I know both Mary and Gretel have cooked Indian food. I just specialize in eating it.

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JohnnyWindy said...

Hey! I want the recipies!!! I love Indian Food!

This is your one-time "boss" at A-OK Controls. And you thought no one read your blog... I just figured out that I could leave comments.

Send me your e-mail address to "johnnywindy@comcast.net" and I will update you on my life for the past couple of years.

I love the blog!!!
John Windeknecht