Monday, January 5, 2009

Cleaning the Cubical

We have a five bedroom house and since the kids have moved out we have transformed the extra bedrooms into and office and a craft room. Hubby calls his office, his "Cubical." It is, in fact, grey with grey carpeting and grey office furniture. I think he misses Ford Motor Company. It is a really cluttered mess. Hubby is always cleaning it but it is hard to tell progress. I think he gets easily distracted. Yesterday, while he was cleaning the cubical he found a quiz on New Mexico, his favorite state. So he had to take it and explain all his correct answers to me. One time he showed me an envelope full of cat whiskers which he says his first wife had saved. Now understanding that first wives do strange things, my question was "why did he bring the envelope here to my house?"

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Zeek and I said...

That IS a very good question. How do you find cat whiskers? I have never seen my cats whiskers laying around. Did she cut them off? Pull them out? How did she find enough to fill an envelope of whiskers???????
And why did dad pack every, single item from out old house and move it into yours? He has never been good at packing.