Friday, January 23, 2009

We are Above Freezing!

Today is the first day in a long while that we are above freezing so Hubby went and got the car washed. It was beginning to be difficult to tell what color it was. When we left for Baltimore it was 5 below so Hubby waited until Toledo to fill up the car. That was a smart move as it was a minus 9 in Toledo. Fortunately we had lots of hats , gloves and afghans in the car. Somewhere in Pennsylvania we actually got to 11 degrees but I think that was at Sommerset where the wind was fierce and all the windmill turbines were going at full tilt. When we got to Baltimore it was 9 degrees, an all time low for them. Monday they even got and inch and a half of snow which they were thrilled with. The kids didn't have school because of Martin Luther King Day so they went out to play. Coming from Michigan where we have so much snow, we weren't as thrilled. The morning of the Inauguration, it was 14 degrees in Baltimore and the driveway was so slick you had to hold on to the car to get up it. When we got home on Wednesday it was 23 which was the warmest we had seen in days. So you can see how excited we are that today is above freezing. It gets cold again next week. Hubby called Sears to finally purchase a snow blower but was told they have none and don't expect more for the entire season.

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