Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hubby is Wierd

I always knew Hubby was eccentric. When I told Martha that eccentric people are more interesting, she said " Well, then "Hubby" must be beyond your wildest dreams." Hubby loves cats and they love him too. Since Arnold has moved into our house and likes to play with the Venetian blinds in the middle of the night, we keep them pulled up halfway. We dress in the bathroom. Arnold also likes to bat at the picture on the wall over our bed. We took that down. I have embroidered 3 matching pictures that I am waiting for Hubby to frame. I wanted to hang those over the bed anyway. Last night when I came into the room Hubby had his projector screen up in front of the windows - "for privacy." Now I am pretty game about cats walking over us at night and I really kind of like having a cat snuggled up at my side, but who's bedroom is this anyway!

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Kitt said...

Ha! Most of my phone conversations with the BF are updates on all his two kitties' hijinks. He's crazy for his cats!