Monday, June 16, 2008

Prairie Home Companion

Saturday we went with some friends to Ann Arbor to the Hill Auditorium to see Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion Show. It was really delightful. It is the first time I watched a radio program. The music was great and of course the monologues were wonderful. It is a little alarming to go to a program you like and find everyone there has gray hair, but such is life.
We have had so many thunderstorms lately. It could be worse. We could live in Iowa. My heart goes out to those people. Gretel called just as a storm was breaking out. She wished Hubby a "Happy Father's Day" and then Hubby said "I'll let you talk to your mother before the power goes out." He handed the phone to me but before I could get it to my mouth, the power went out.

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