Sunday, June 1, 2008

Plumbrook NASA Center

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to Ohio and picked up Mary and the Brain and took them to Sandusky, Ohio to the open house for the Plumbrook NASA center. It was really neat. About 6000 people were there but they had lots of buses. Even with a security check ( you needed a picture ID and your bags checked) the line moved quite quickly. They had lots of activities for kids and I got posters and pencils and stuff for the grandchildren, even bought them all T shirts ( shown below). We toured the control room and the two vacuum chambers where they test rocket engines which will be used in space. The one chamber went deep into the ground and the other is in a huge dome. The second one was available for us to walk through. They had lots of exhibits showing the Mars rover and how they tested the balloons they used to cushion the landing. The tour lasted 3 hours and was well done. Poor Mary's knee was pretty swollen by the end, but she insists she is not handicapped and didn't need a wheelchair.

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